Meeting with 2012 Sandhurst Team

Last updated on 9 July 2012

Photos at the Class of 1964 luncheon hosted for the members of the 2012 Sandhurst team as well as invited staff.

Those present from the Class of '64 were: Rob Boadway, Brian Cameron, John Fraser, Lou Grimshaw, Jim Barrett, Dave Iley, Wyn van der Shee, Al Barden, Dave Gordon, and Peter Mace (photographer).

Items of note:

Capt Kevin Schamuhn, O-C Brandon Philp, Rob Boadway Team members with Class '64 members Capt Schamuhn - Rob Boadway address group Jim Barrett likes the beer-pizza organized by Brian Cameron Dave Iley gets down to serious business Peter Mace with slip 'n slide cadet John Fraser with RCAF type Al Barden - Dave Gordon with young lady who gave her leg for the team Dave Iley, Lou Grimshaw with a team member