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6097 Paul Addy

After a three year absence in Brussels as Canada's Military Representative to the NATO Military Committee in Permanent Session, he moved back into his condo in Ottawa on retirement in Sep 98. He then spent seven years as a business developer with a strategic defence consulting house in Ottawa and subsequently with an Ottawa-based consultant group specialising in funding and management services for SMEs. Still works part time for the latter. Left Ottawa in July 2008 to take up residence in his lake-front retirement home in the Eastern Townships in the small town of Lambton. Currently he is Colonel of the Regiment for his regiment, le 12e Régiment blindé du Canada.

His eldest son is a science teacher in a French language high school in Whitby, Ontario, while his second son is an investigator in Timmins for the Ontario Department of the Environment. His wife, Roberte, retired from the Canadian Wildlife Federation last summer and now enjoys her embroidery and teddy bear making.

6215 Brian Ailey

Retired June 2002 from Air Canada as a Captain on the Boeing 767 after 32 years commercial airline flying primarily to Asia, Europe and the South Pacific with CP Air, Canadian Airlines and finally, Air Canada. Aircraft included the DC-8, B747-200, DC-10, B747-400 and the B767.

6155 Dave Allison

Dave is retiring in April 09 for the fourth time!

Looking forward to leaving Africa for a Seattle retirement. Call if you are in the area

6116 Claude Archambault

Fully retired in 1994 after 36 years of service. Now living in Saint-Bruno QC and enjoying life as a grand parent. Looking forward to our reunions in Saint-Jean in May 09 and in Kingston in October 09. Au plaisir de vous revoir. Cheers!

6098 Bob Armstrong

I left the Regular Force after tours in Germany, Gagetown, Halifax, and Shilo. I then spent 14 years in the militia in Brandon, Winnipeg, and Montreal. I joined DMR Consulting (now Fujitsu Consulting) in Ottawa in 1970. I moved to the UK with them in 1998 and retired in the UK in 2003.

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6159 Steve Balke

My entire career centred upon Chemical Engineering: Defence Research Board, (Valcartier, QC, 1965-67); Ph.D. (McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, 1967-72); Research and Development at Xerox (Rochester, NY and then a new research centre in Mississauga, ON, 1972-1984); Professor at the University of Toronto (1984-2006); Professor Emeritus (retired and still puttering around on a computer – 2006 to present). Teaching was so enjoyable. Traveled the world too. Research involving plastics engineering, statistics and data mining. Consulting as an expert witness in data analysis. Great fun for so many years.

Madeleine and I happily married since 1967 and settled in Mississauga since 1974. Two “children”(39 and 40 years old in 2009!); two grandchildren. Everyone doing well. Taking it easy now: hiking, nature photography, vacation cruises. Can’t believe it’s time to join the Old Brigade!

5790 Al Barden

I retired from the public service in '95 and immediately drove off to Mexico City in my '36 Packard roadster as part of the Great North American Race-15 days, crew of six, won zip but had a lot of fun!

Brenda is also now retired, and we have five grandchildren. We are at that stage in life where we don't know whether to build our dream home or buy a condo. Still working on my antique cars and recently got myself this wonderful piece of modern technology that I ignored for twenty years but now sit in front of every day. Here's to old friends and good health.

6108 Jean-Claude Beaudet

Retired from CGI in December 2001. Really enjoying retirement and work around the home. Also golfing a lot during the season as a member at a local club. Our married son has given us a grandchild while our daughter remains single.

6328 Guy Beaumont

After living the College, I worked in St-Louis, Sénégal from 1965 to 1967. Came back to Quebec City and worked there as a math teacher for 35 years with another year in Libreville, Gabon in 1985-1986 with my 3 kids.

I retired in 1999. I then lived 7 years (2000-2007) in Saigon, Vietnam while working for L'Agence Universitaire Mondiale (part of United Nations) helping the Ministry of Education with mathematical programs for high school and the first years of university.

Now I'm living in Québec City, enjoying my grandchildren.

6219 Rob Boadway

I am still at Queen's University (David Chadwick Smith Chair in Economics) and plan to keep going a few more years past normal retirement. I specialize in economic policy issues, such as federalism, tax policy, and the welfare state, and do a fair amount of work abroad. (Some details can be found on my Queen's website

We have become happily stuck in Kingston, but have a summer place in PEI, where my wife Bernie and I have been going in the summer for over 35 years. Please look us up in either place. We have both have taken up golf, but are very non-threatening!

5999 Georges Bordet

Retired after 36 years and never seeing a shot fired in anger. Did an MA in Economics and worked in Kosovo and Albania with OSCE KVM, in Bosnia with OHR, lived for five years in South Africa during which I worked in Iraq in 2004-2005. Since then, I have been giving my time periodically to the ICRC, through whom I became acquainted with Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Rawnda, Nepal and Kenya. As I write, I am in Sri Lanka providing advice on relations with arms carriers during the current conflict.

Diana has retired from CIDA, and we have settled in Victoria as of last August 2008, where we are enjoying our first grand daughter while awaiting our first grand son in June.

I look forward to seeing you in the fall!

5990 Dave Borrowman

I retired in June '98 after 30 years teaching high school in the Kingston area. Susan (also retired) & I remain happily married after 41 years. We have two daughters: Krista, a chiropractor living near Halifax, married with four children; and Erica (class of 2001), a Lt(N), married with two children also living near Halifax and posted ashore these days.

We live on an inland lake (inland from Lake Ontario that is), enjoy sailing, windsurfing, golf (still trying), scuba diving (very occasionally), skiing & travel. Needless to say we spend a lot of time on the road to Nova Scotia these days. Anytime you are in the area call & come on out for a sail or beer or whatever.

Hope to see a big turnout at this year's reunion.

6222 Ray Boyko

I retired in 2002 after a challenging and rewarding career of 33 years with a well-known North American antenna manufacturing firm.

After serving my three-year compulsory stint, I left the Army and attended the University of California (Davis and Berkeley campuses) in the tumultuous years of 1967 and 68.  I received my Master of Science Degree, specializing in electromagnetics and lasers.

My one and only job after coming back from Canada was with Andrew in Whitby, Ontario.  My work as a development engineer was very interesting over the years with never a dull moment.  I was kept very busy during my first few years designing, developing and overseeing installation of point-to-point microwave dishes as well as satellite earth station antennas.  The company’s focus changed during my latter years with fibre optics entering the picture which pretty well wiped out the microwave market.  The design of Air Traffic Control Radars (both S and L band) and weather antennas (C and L band) became our focus.  I spent many long hours taking antennae patterns on an outdoor antenna range while testing out my designs as well as others.

My last ten years with the company were spent as Engineering Manager, however I still did much hands-on design and development.

On a personal note, I have been married to a beautiful Saskatchewan girl for more than 40 years now.  We both love the great outdoors, having hiked and camped many times in the Rockies.  We also enjoy downhill skiing, especially the BIG mountain slopes out west.  Too bad old age won’t allow us this same enjoyment as twenty years ago.  We plant a large vegetable garden in our back yard each year which takes up much time.  When we can find the time we like to walk our dogs on the many forested trails surrounding Whitby.  I now spend any spare time I have learning the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith.


6223 Jim Bradbury

Retired from CF 1 Jan 95 on return from one year service with CCEUMMY. Returned to the Balkans (Kosovo) in Dec 98 as a member of the Kosovo Verification Mission (OSCE) but had to evacuate when NATO flexed its muscle.  Currently employed with BC Province Sgt at Arms staff when the legislature is sitting.  Also have assisted Mike Siska (class of 63) with his engineering survey work on an as available basis. My main recreation interest is local running activities: I am a member of the Royal Victoria Marathon Committee (don't run them anymore, though), and I am a run leader for local run training clinics. Jenny and I very much enjoy our home in Victoria, which has a very comfortable guest bedroom, and we would be delighted to offer hospitality to any former classmates who happen by.

6090 George Bruce

George Bruce was appointed Dean of St George's Cathedral in Kingston effective 1 April 2000.

He was elected co-adjutor bishop of Ontario on June 8, 2002. A co-adjutor is an elected bishop who has a right to succession once the current bishop leaves office. Bishop-elect Bruce's consecration took place on Sept. 28 at a very familiar place: Kingston's St. George's Cathedral, where he was incumbent since 2000. Prior to his cathedral appointment, he served as rector of St. James the Apostle in Perth, Ont., and at two parishes in the diocese of Ottawa.

6032 Charles Brunger

Retired from the CF (regular) in 1995. Retired from the CF (reserves) in 1997. Currently classified as retired, but am busier than ever managing my wife's art business!

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6164 Brian Cameron

Completed 37 years of military service. Followed up with 4 years as a licensed financial adviser with Merrill Lynch/Wood Gundy. Since 2001 to present, consulted very part time at Army Staff College. Otherwise overwhelmed by volunteer efforts and by our kids/grandkids all of whom live in Kingston.

6093 Ken Carpenter

I served in the RCAF/CAF from graduation until retirement in 1990, with stints in Turkey, Germany, Ottawa, Winnipeg (3 times), Greenwood N.S., and Moncton N.B. We moved to BC in 1990 and held several positions within the BC government until retirement again in 2000. (I contracted to Government for a few years until final retirement in 2004).I have been an active Lion for 10 years and currently serve on the board of the Lions of BC Hearing Conservation Society.

Penny and I have been married for 43 years and we have two sons, David in Duncan BC, and Scott in Calgary AB. Like so many of you, our delight these days are grandchildren,(Rowan and Selena in Duncan, and Evan and Dylan in Calgary). We spend our spare time, when we have any, enjoying the BC coast in our family cruiser.

5986 Neil Carscadden

In the air force until 1969, and then at IBM in Toronto and Montreal. Joined DMR in 1976, and became a partner (along with Bob Jull, and many other RMC grads). Left DMR in 1985 and ran my own company for ten years, until we decided to travel again.

Moved from Toronto to Chicago in 1995, and worked at Sears head office under sub-contract to DMR. Moved to Seattle in 1997, and worked at Boeing until 2001. Moved back to Ontario in 2002. Semi-retired for a while, and built a house in Thornbury. For the winter of 2004/05, worked at Boeing in Seattle again, and currently retired again in Thornbury.

Still married to Diane, from KGH. Our two children (both born in the USA while I was at Wright-Patterson AFB), are still in Toronto.

And we recently (2007 and 2008) had our first grandsons!

Sadly, Neil died May 26, 2014 from complications due to rheumatoid arthritis

6231 Ray Cej

I left the services in 1969; retired after 26 years from Shell Canada in 1995; have had trouble staying retired; over the past 16 years have been involved with oil and gas companies with operations in Central Africa, Central Asia and of course Western Canada. I think I'm on my last one. Margot and I are celebrating our 46th anniversary in 2011, we are blessed with three sons, three great daughter-in-laws and seven grandchildren. We winter in Palm Springs (Cathedral City actually which is contiguous with PS). I mention this so that if any of you are there in the winter we're in the phone book so please call.

6232 Rick Chapman

I work for Sun Microsystems as a Global Practice Development Manager. Barbara and I are still happily married after 39 years with two daughters and four grandchildren, all living close by. Might be able to attend Ex-Cadet weekend in 2004.

6043 Pierre Charlebois

Following the required stint in the Forces, eventually retired from a very interesting Public Service career in 1995. Worked in various departments: Defence, Industry & Commerce; Public Service Commission; Fisheries & Oceans; Treasury Board; and CIDA, where I headed the Industrial Cooperation Program for Africa and Asia. Worked as a Management Consultant in Tremblant ('95-'00) doing things I liked and when I wanted to do them. Very involved in Mt-Tremblant community. In 1997, named Chairman of the Board of the Agency for the Development of Mont-Tremblant and still active today.

Moved back to the National Capital Area (Gatineau) in 2000. In 2005, bought a home in Mexico (Ajijic), where we now spend the Winter months under the sun, taking treks in the mountain up to 2500 meters, playing tennis and golf, and generally enjoying life to the fullest. Our three kids have offered us seven adorable grandkids - aged 23 to 9 years. Carole (who has stood by my side since 1959 when I entered CMR) and I will celebrate, in 2009, our 45th wedding anniversary. We both look forward to joining the Old Brigade in the Fall. and having fun with the "gang".

6166 Dave Chodat

Got out of the service in 1967 (after being at a radar base in Mont Apica for 3 years - like, who wouldn't get out), went back to school in Boston for a masters degree in engineering and worked as a consultant (aka an "insultant" as some of my clients refered to it) for 30 or so years before retiring. Been happily retired for maybe 15 years and am now pretty well unemployable (thankfully). Not much money but very healthy and I put my first wife Carolyn to work in the real estate business to support me in the manner that I had become accustomed. I presume I still remain the longest married graduate from the class of 1964 - unless some of you guys we're secretly married before graduation day. I haven't been back to any reunion since the 10 year one but am determined to get back for the 50th in 2014. Smashed up my motorcycle so don't ride anymore, had a little knee injury so avoid snowboarding but still can play lots of golf (still stink)and still do a little skydiving wih a few of my less boring (ie younger) friends. Have 2 kids (boys) and 4 grandchildren with one more on the way. My oldest son lives in Japan and the youngest has a cushy job as a professor at Boston University. I look forward to catching up with all you old guys at the reunion in 2014.

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27 Nov 20135802 Robert A. Davis

1967-74- Coordinator, Council on Medical Education, Canadian Medical Association

1974-1985- Associate Director, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

1985- Senior Vice President, CMESAT, Sarasota, Florida

1986-1999- Sales and Marketing, Printing and Audio Visual Firms

1999-2003- Hotel Sales Manager

2003-April 2004- Sales, Better Business Bureau,

1 May 2004- RETIRED!

I am still going strong but faced with the aches and pains of the aging process. Heather and I have 18 grandchildren and now one great granddaughter ( not sure we were ready for that!). You have some idea of how we spend our spare time. I am the proud father of 16419 Christopher Davis ( class of 1988) as well as my other three sons and Heather's three daughters. Enjoying keeping busy travelling, golfing, cycling, skiing, skating and hiking. Looking forward to the next class reunion at RMC.

6236 Ron Day

I retired from the Public Service in January 09 having worked for 26 years with DND mostly in Ottawa in the field of Health and Safety. Prior to that, I served as an infantry officer in The Royal Canadian Regiment with postings in London, Ontario; Soest, Germany; St. John’s, Newfoundland; Petawawa, Ontario; St. Hubert, Quebec; Vietnam; and Cyprus.

Last summer, Mary-Anne and I sold our home in St. Bruno, where she taught as a cegep teacher for 30 years. We’ve now taken up residence at our new chalet on the Rideau Canal system near Jones Falls, located 45 kilometres north of Kingston. We have two married children, a son Andrew in Kingston and a daughter Michelle in San Diego. To date we have three grand children.

6169 John Dendy

 Elaine and I are busy: being retired; becoming grandparents; running two small businesses each, Elaine as an administrative services consultant and a textile artist and yours truly as a consulting economist and as 'John Oliver Dendy - Woodcarver & Casemaker'; and fitting is as much travel as time and the budget will permit. Cheers!

6017 Dave Dinsmore

Left the Army in 1967 to work for IBM Canada. Accepted a package in 1992 and moved to Information Technology at CIBC. Retired from gainful employment in 2007. Hobbies include cycling, singing, and travel.

6170 Paul Dumbrille

Retired from the Navy in '89 and changed careers to become a Project Manager for a High-Tech company. Still working full time and live in Ottawa with my wife Margaret. Two grown children, one of them an RMC Grad, live away from home.

6240 Craig Douglas

Left submarine service in 1969 to become a teacher of physics and chemistry in 3 UK schools (North Yorkshire and Somerset). Now retired, Doreen is an avid golfer and I am an amateur radio operator and an apprentice(!) furniture and cabinet maker. We have two married daughters and 3 grandchildren.

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6172 Jim Faulkner

Retired from the Air Force in 1990, worked at the Canadian Space Agency, then headed up a small consulting firm.

Fully retired in 1999 in Ottawa. Carolyn and I moved to beautiful Perth Ontario in the summer of 2005, 10 minutes from our cottage. I still play hockey, lots of golf, and we enjoy our four children (all happily married) and 12 grandchildren as much as we can.

6131 Bob Fischer

I retired from the CF in 1996 following a full and satisfying career which included two tours in Germany, attendance at the National Defence College, a tour as Executive Assistant to the Chief of the Defence Staff (then General Paul Manson) and a series of senior appointments at NDHQ culminating as the Assistant Deputy Minister for Materiel in the rank of LGen.

Following my retirement in May '96 I embarked on my second career as a consultant. In May '97 I joined General Dynamics Canada as Vice President Strategic Planning and Government Relations until my retirement in March of '08. During this time I served as President of the Canadian Defence Industries Association and Head of the Canadian Delegation to the NATO Industry Advisory Group. Although officially "retired", I serve on the Board of a few start-up technology companies.

Joanne and I are grandparents to six grandchildren. We spend as much time as possible at our cottage at Sharbot Lake (45 min north of Kingston) and try to take full advantage of our Florida timeshares during the winter months.

6245 Bill Fox

Happily retired in Toronto after 36 years with the CF and 8 years with Emergency Management Ontario.

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6 August 20136136 Claude Gagné

After CMR, I studied at Laval University in Québec Géodésy from 1962 to 1966. I worked for Transport on the St-Lawrence river for 10 years between Montréal and Gaspé. I went in 1971 to the Persian Gulf in Abu dhabi for a consulting assignment . I then returned to my home town St-Zacharie Beauce Québec as a land surveyor. I am still working as a surveyor but I intend to stop this year.

6247 Len Gibson

After three years service for my RCAF obligation (served in Comox, BC), I went to work for Alcan Aluminum in Kitimat BC (500 air miles north of Vancouver). With one promotion or opportunity leading to another I stayed there for 34 years, receiving an early retirement in Dec 2000. My working career centered on maintenance/engineering/management. Married in 1964, four children; separated in '85, partnered in 1988 and happily living in Qualicum Beach since Nov.'01.

Kitimat was a great place to raise a family, pay was good, but 250 days per year of precipitation (including Canada's record populated area 24 hour snowfall of 52") was too much!

5808 Davey Gordon

Completed 36 years with RCAF/CF in 1995 retiring from Staff College at Armour Heights. Spent most of my flying career in Transport Command/Group- two now defunct organizations. The great assignment for the Gordons was Mather AFB Sacramento CA. Judy nursed and the children being teenagers had a great time. The Toronto posting was a great way to finish a career. For the first time since California there was meaningful work for Judy. We were close enough to Bryan at University of Waterloo and could provide him space for his many co-op work terms in TO. Heather our older child never got the West Coast out of her system since the California adventure. She is in Victoria as a Navy Reservist. Other than visits we don't see her living anywhere else but Beautiful BC.

5693 Bruce Greaves

I retired after 38 years service at CRA. I am truly retired and waiting for Dona to retire from nursing in 1999. She is an intensive care nurse at the Queensway Carleton Hospital. We will move to Verona Ont just north of Kingston on Hwy 38 where we bought a lakeside house. We expect to move there around 1 Sept 99. I will spend my time completing the house by landscaping, building a deck and finishing the interior of the indoor swimming pool.

My son Mark is a robotics technologist for Afsea Brown Bovia in Burlington and has three sons. My daughter graduated from Carleton university and is head of the infants section of a day care in Mississauga Ontario. She has one son.

6248 Hugh Gordon

I retired in 1998 as a tax partner in Vancouver with KPMG. I continue to consult part-time to governments on fiscal matters. I was the initial chancellor and board chair of Royal Roads University and served eight years from 1995 to 2003. In 2004 they presented me with an honorary doctorate. I am active with the Duke of Edinburgh's Award as past president of BC and the Yukon and as a current member of the National Board. I have been on both business and non profit boards.

Until 2002 Lisa and I were power boaters but we exchanged that for a second home in Nanoose which is about a three-wood away from Walter Shworan's waterfront residence. I am trying with very limited success to become a golfer, an activity for which a boater does not have time .

6178 Mike Griffin

Left forces in Mar 96 after career in RCE and Cdn Mil Engrs. Took a position as the Non Public Funds Construction Engineer with what is now the CF Personnel Services Agency for five years. Then joined Defence Construction Canada where I provide support to DND/Assistant Deputy Minister(Science and Technology) by managing his capital construction program. Will retire when it stops being fun.

Son Dan works for the municipality of Whistler, BC. Daughter Theresa (Wilson) works for the Chamber Music Society in Ottawa.

6250 Lou Grimshaw

I returned to Canada in 1987 to complete the MA War Studies programme at RMC. Jacques Baillou and I were classmates again 25 years after the first grad! I retired at CRA in 1996 from staff at National Defence College/Centre for National Security Studies. I was minding my own business ramping up my long term "hobby business", (Louis E. Grimshaw Military Antiques & Collectables), when I was offered a consulting contract with Director of Army Doctrine as National Standardization Officer and coordinator for international programmes. I have been there for last two years. I don't know what I expected on retirement, but I don't think this was it!

The four children are grown and gone (sort of). Three are still in Kingston. Number two son, Nick, is a Captain, PPCLI at Gagetown, the only one so far to graduate from RMC. However, Number one daughter is a civilian student in the War Studies MA programme and expects to graduate in 1999.We are looking forward to the reunion in 99 as "resident" members.

6179 Ross Gunn

Since 1994, when I retired from the Air Force (Aerospace Engineering) and Berthe retired from social work, we have been enjoying life in Nominingue QC, living on the shore of the beautiful lake of the same name (50 km north-west of Mont Tremblant). All three children are now married and independant: Karen in Ottawa with Canadian Heritage (accountant) who cares for one grand daughter, Nancy in Ottawa with DFAIT (human resources) who cares for two more grand-daughters, and Don in Vancouver (field service engineer with Avnet) who looks after our grandson. After finally figuring out what retirement is about, our main activities are now family, friends, hobbies, and travel. It was great to see everyone at the 2009 reunion - already looking forward to 2014.

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6182 Bob Harrison

Still employed by Ontario Hydro, working as strategic planning Manager at Darlington Nuclear Generating Station. Bonnie and I (in my spare time) are Innkeepers at a Bed & Breakfast in Port Hope; it is called the Butternut Inn B&B (website:

5661 Normand Hotte

Officier logistique-finance , retraite FC 1980; 1980-85, controleur , Sûreté du Québec; 1985-90, dir. admin. Curateur public du Québec; 1990-95, dir. admin. Office des oersoinnes handicapées du QC 1995-97, Service d'inspection général, Min. Sécurité pub. du Qc; 1997-00, dir. audit Curateur public du Qc; 2000 retraité

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6185 Dave Iley

Winter in Ottawa, summer in Westport on the Big Rideau. Still playing hockey and golf. Call if you want to arrange a game in either sport.

Run a small stock trading business for family and friends. Part-time work as an interactor for the Cdn Forces Joint Command and Staff Training Centre in Kingston.

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6079 Dave John

Left the CF in 1985 with an MA in English Lit. (U of O, ‘76) and a lot of good memories, which did not include peacekeeping in Vietnam, NDHQ as a Navy Lieutenant, or Anwar Sadat’s funeral, but did include Montreal in 67, Summerside, teaching at Roads and a UK rugby tour, several royal visits, and two years as a quasi-geriatric ADC to GovGen Ed Schryer. As a civilian, worked at Government House, primarily in the Honours System (dubbed “the gong show”), with secondments to DND (enjoyed it) and Transport Road Safety (hated it). Gleefully ceased “gainful employment” in 1996, having decided it was no longer fun, but really not wishing to search for a job at 55 with an antic CV that had no substance whatever.

Edited and published four volumes of “Salty Dips” with the Naval Officers Association of Canada Ottawa Branch as a transitional activity while establishing a second home—our base for half the year—in South Florida for self and bride of 22 years, Huguette Marois of Quebec City and Ottawa. Recently moved from big house/big property in boonies near Wendover, Ontario, to smallish condo/no property in Kanata, primarily to escape enslavement by chainsaws, mowers and weed-whackers. Don’t miss the tractor or the snowplow either, but kinda miss the Agent-Orange. P> Current activities include full-time avoidance of logging, mowing, whacking, tractoring, and plowing. Also interested in travel, a Sebring MX, collecting books, some writing (but no publishing), weight-loss (at which I am inept) and waiting for my St.-Basile-le-Grand-based, 40-year-old son to breed.

5818 Bob Johnston

Happily married to Marian for the past 45 years. We have 3 daughters (Wendy on the west coast, Donna and Julie here in the Ottawa area) and 10 grandchildren who continue to delight us. I retired almost 5 years ago after 23 years in the Navy, 13 years as a computer systems engineer for the Navy and 8 years as a consultant process manager for the Army.

5982 Bob Jull

After leaving the Navy in 1967, I worked in the IT industry for 30 years; mostly in Toronto. Spent 9 years with IBM, 9 years in management consulting with the DMR Group, and then 12 years in my own company.

It was sold in 1997, and I have been living in Ireland since then.

For fun and hopefully profit, I have been investing in early stage start up companies - mostly in IT.

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6189 Ken Kennedy

Retired as a Captain in 1990. Reason for retirement was a desk job posting which didn't quite fit my self image as a pilot, who loves to fly and is totally unsuited to mundane low level staff work. (Probably, also unsuited for high level staff work, but that was not an option).

Immediately on retirement, with my daughter, I took a six month tour in a minivan of Southern Europe and North Africa. On return, I worked in the Air Reserve at my old job (flying T-33s). When 414 Sqn moved from North Bay, I moved in with the divine Mary Veenman in London, ON in 1993.

Since then I was partner in an unsuccessful (at least concerning $, but I had a LOT of fun) ultralight aircraft sales and training company. Since its demise, I have been unemployed. This last November and December, I was a volunteer gofer and chase pilot with an experimental project attempting to re-introduce migrating Trumpeter Swans to Ontario (rather like in the movie "Fly Away Home"). After much tribulation, the swans made it to Indiana after flying pretty good formation on the many legs from Sudbury.

Unless an interesting flying position comes up, I will be spending the winter rebuilding two ultralights. Anyone in the London area wishing a free ultralight flight should call me at 519-433-9339519-433-9339.

6261 Charles Keple

Transferred as Colonel to CF Supp Res in Sep 96 with 38 yrs svc; retired Apr 07. Served in seven provinces, Germany, England, Netherlands, and Belgium.

In 2009 active volunteer with CDA, LPF, ALCOA, YMCA, FSNA, & Rotary Club of Regina

6262 Lou Knetsch

Retired from teaching in 1998. Married, three children, one grandson.

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6190 Ralph Lamoureux

Retired from the airforce in 1986 where I spent most of my career in ASW flying out of Greenwood, NS and Summerside, PEI. It was a great life and I still keep in touch with many flying buddies across Canada. Still active in business (2009) but live just outside Perth, ON about one hour west of Ottawa. Still blessed with my number one wife Cheryl who was given six months to live 9 years ago (cancer). We have five beautiful grandchildren, three boys and two girls and my two sons live in Ottawa. So, in addition to babysitting we are active in our Church and I try to get in as much golf as possible.

Looking forward to the 2009 reunion and seeing you all again

6266 Jacques Leduc

I left the Air Force in 1968 to pursue a career as a Chartered Accountant. My career has involved work in the private sector, in the Department of Industry, and at the Office of the Auditor General of Canada . I left the government in 2000 to work as a consultant in financial management and audit. I'm still working part-time (4 to 6 months per year) in Africa and Cuba . The international work allows us to combine pleasure travel with business.

Mon épouse Angèle a pris sa retraite de Tourisme Canada en 1995. En 2008, nous sommes déménagés à Toronto pour nous rapprocher de notre fille unique et de notre petite fille. (Updated February 2009)

6268 John Leech

I retired in Ottawa from the CF in June 1997 as a Maj Gen after a satisfying career in Army operations, personnel policy and communications-electronics. Postings to Europe and Egypt added variety to the mostly Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec circuit. For a number of years I worked as a consultant, mainly for AFCEA Canada, an international association for information technology professionals; volunteer work in environmental protection and our local church now occupy my time. Anne (Fletcher) and I have been married for 43 years, and are proud of our two offspring, David and Susan, and our five grandchildren in Ottawa and Vancouver. Current hobbies include skiing, learning golf, singing in the church choir and other volunteer church work.

6149 Rejean Levasseur

After a satisfying career as a Logistic Officer in the CAF, I am now totally retired and NOT looking for work . I am too busy with my favorite pastimes: woodcarving, camping, golf, sea kayaking, skiing and discovering Canada. What a life!!!

Monique, my beloved wife for 28 years, passed away on 23 February 1993 after a short but most courageous battle against kidney cancer. I still miss her very much. Patrick, a graduate of University of Ottawa, is a senior games security officer at the Casino de Hull. Lysa is still attending University of Ottawa and specializing in Geographical Information System and Water Management.

Looking forward to meeting you all at the Class Reunion in the Fall.

6071 Merv Lougher-Goodey

I enjoyed a full career in the Military Engineers, the last ten years as a colonel, serving in Ont,Que,B.C.,and Germany. Presently retired in Sidney B.C. and involved in local community activities; ran unsucessfully for local municipal office in '99. Married to the former Connie Beaubien; two children Derek and Heather.

I have left the Board of Directors of the Victoria Airport Authority in November 2008 after serving 8 years. I was elected a Councillor for the Town of Sidney in November 2008 municipal elections. I am presently the vice chair of the Board of Governors Canadian Corps of Commissionaires- Victoria, the Islands and Yukon Division. So I remain active in my community!

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6192 Peter Mace

Following service with the 6th RN and 1st RCN Submarine Squadrons, plus time on the last active Prestonian class frigate, Peter completed an MBA in 1969 at Queen's and then spent 25 years with several manufacturing companies in systems, sales, marketing and procurement.

After consulting for four years, he retired in 1997, to be re-treaded as a Program Manager with the JDSU R&D group, taking final retirement in 2002. During these 5 years, he enjoyed working with scientists and engineers the same age as daughter Heather (now a Vice-Principal) and son Ian (#20352 RMC '96 & '98; chemical and environmental engineering; now an environmental consulting engineer).

Peter and wife Linda, who retired in 2003 as head of Speach Therapy at CHEO, sold the family house in the 'burbs in 1998 and moved downtown, to be closer to the action. Retirement has generated more time for the cottage and for curling and skiing in the winter. With two grandchildren in Ottawa and two in Calgary, there is never a dull moment.

Call us if you are in Ottawa. We live walking distance from the longest skating rink in the world!

6276 Jim MacPherson

Hilda and I are still on the right side of the sod and keeping well. After retiring from the services in 1991 I came to Kamloops to enjoy the climate and good weather. For intellectual stimulation I built houses, fixed them up and otherwise kept busy. Hilda and I spent a lot of time with Habitat for Humanity and for the last ten years I was on the executive for the FSNA. (Federal Superannuates National Association). I started out as the President and have now worked my way down to being the janitor and have recently been swept out into the dustbin of history!

My two daughters are well and live in Toronto and Victoria. We do not have any grandchildren yet but do not expect any. For one who thinks that we have too many people in the world, I do not get too down about it. Everyone else has so many that we can rent one on Friday and return them on sunday night with clean bottoms and we get to have the good night sleep.

I found out late in life that I was born to ski but forced to work! I do love the hills around here. Occasionally curling takes over and I am forced to sweep my way out of the rink and up to the hill.

I probably won't make the 2009 reunion.

21 Nov 20136043 Henri Paul Martel (deceased November 21 2013)

I still work for Aéroports de Montréal as V-P Engineering and Construction and I love my work.

I am also involved in many health sector institutions as a project and construction management "expert". I also act as advisor to the management of École de Technologie Supérieure in Montréal.

We now reside in St-Jean, not far from CMR and right next to where used to be "The Gaieté Française" where many of us made very healthly cross-country ski training runs to have a beer and listen to old Mr Wagnard tell us fascinating WW1 war stories.

6272 Paul McCumber

After 33 years, I retired from the military and the RCR. I went to work with SHL Systemhouse. In the next 10 years I worked for EDS and Computer Science Corporation before striking out on my own as a private consultant. I am still working part time as a consultant to the military.

Elke and I are in good health with seven grand children, all living in Ottawa, to keep us active.

6011 Pat McLaughlin

I have been head of human resources at Statistics Canada and am currently acting as the Assistant Chief Statistician for Management Services; but not long left before retirement.

My wife Patricia is Principal of the Ottawa Montessori School. First son Joe is finishing architecture at Carleton. Amy is married and works for Manulife in Waterloo and has one daughter,Marrisa, age three. Dylan teaches school in Ottawa. I have become a keen golfer and would be happy to join up with other fanatics anytime.

6019 Jim McLean

Currently semi-retired and teaching for fun - third year in Thailand, following four years of enjoying life in Cuba. (Took early retirement in 1997 after 34 years of teaching mathematics.) Married - divorced. Married again; happily divorced again. Still have my farm in Quebec; children in Toronto and Montreal. 12 years - anniversary Jan 24th! - without recourse to alcohol in any form. (Yeah, I know - about time!) Life is great and I try to enjoy it to the hilt - one day at a time.

6275 Bill McNeill

Left the army in 1967; two years at U of C; 13 years a teacher; 10 years oil patch Rocky Mt House AB.

Retired 1990-98 with COWS Grand Forks BC; oil patch again with Husky Energy Rocky Mt House 1998-2005; retired again... and still have COWS!

Married 47 years same sweetheart; two children and four grandchildren. Anyone need a farm and COWS?

6281 Dave Meeds

I retired early from the Air Force/CF in 1987 and retired for good in Mar'04 after working for several high tech companies including Spar,Computing Devices(now General Dynamics)and Fujitsu. When we(my wife of 36 years)moved back to Ottawa from Calgary in '99 we bought a home on an acrage just outside Kanata where we spoil our 4 grandkids, cut lots of grass and tend our ponds and gardens. However, plan to spend more time golfing at the Mississippi club which I joined last year. Two of our 3 sons live in the city and the youngest is back at school finishing off his PhD in computer science.

6282 Mike Miller

After five years in submarines(UK/Mediterranean/Hfx), and fifteen years with CIL/ICI doing global chemical marketing jobs in Montreal,UK, and the US, we settled here in Michigan, about forty miles west of Detroit. Four children,..three through college and living on the west coast, and number four in his third year of the Sports Medicine program at Michigan State... the end of tuition bills is in sight.

Margret ran her antiques business for many years but now is fully occupied with her various volunteer activities, particularily at our world class Detroit Institute of Arts where she specialises in american art and tours various short term exhibits (van Gogh is coming soon). Also, as my long suffering crew chief, Margret launches me in our hot air balloon, often from the backyard and usually with no idea where I'll end the flight.

With two partners, I own and operate EQ - The Environmental Quality Company, now Michigan's largest privately owned environmental services group...through our holding company we have consolidated 17 operating units in the US, Argentina, and Mexico,doing all manner of industrial waste management from organic recovery ,treatment,transportation, landfilling, in-plant services,etc,etc , as well as energy recovery and real estate ...visit our web page at and give us a call if you have a remediation job out behind your plant.

Anyway, enough about me ....something more important....back in 1995, Royal Roads reopened as a public university with a curriculum focused originally on the environmental sciences but now expanding to include an MBA program and specialised executive seminars...the Masters programs are organised as distance learning modules so that time away from the job can be minimised over the two year program. I serve on one of the college advisory boards and encourage you to tour the RRU web pages and see whether the courses available, particularly the Masters, would be helpful to any of your children or business associates.

6283 Gary Mulder

Retired in 94. FRP and a return posting to NDHQ made it an easy decision. The last four years in Germany were great but retired life is even better. My wife (also retired now), five daughters, two sons, and ten grand children are all doing well. Most of them are living in the Toronto area, which makes Ottawa a safe haven for the older folks.

Still loving this retirement thing (Feb 2009). Should have done it sooner. Skiing in the winter, sailing in the summer, playing with old cars (Model A) in between. It doesn't get much better than this.

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6102 Lloyd Northcott

Lloyd and his wife Grace (Sankey) live in Calgary near two young grandchildren, the main focus these days. They also have a young grandson in Vancouver, thus keeping the airlines in business. Lloyd and Grace both teach English as a Foreign Language to earn a few dollars and keep involved. That, some church stuff, and running a rooming house keeps us busy. Classmates are always welcome to visit.

After RMC, Lloyd served with the Van Doos for 15 years, then worked for the Anglican Church for another 15 years. He keeps up both military and church connections as a social and intellectual interest. Otherwise hobbies include distance running, cycling, mountain walking and pumping a little iron. Oh, yes, and he makes wine.

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6197 Ron O"Donoughue

I retired from the Royal Bank after spending 29 years in the Systems & Technology department. My last job was to ensure a smooth transition into the new millennium. Project "DAYBREAK" as it was known, proved to be very successful and we experienced only a small number of Y2K problems which had minimal client impact.
Because of the bank's desire to cut back on staff costs, I was able to request and get early retirement.
Donna and I have relocated to Owen Sound, Ontario and bought a nice little Cape Cod house outside of the city and right on the east side of the Sound.  We love the small town and the peacefulness that living so close to the water provides.
Our eldest son Seann and his wife Andrea live in Owen Sound we're looking forward to being grandparents!!

14 March 2014 5983 Michel Opzoomer

Retired Store Manager with Sears Canada. Spent 3 years in Jakarta as an HR consultant and now live with my wife on Georgian Bay near Midland Ontario.

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6006 Yvon Pepin

Après avoir obtenu mon Ph.D. en chimie organique de l'Université de Montréal, j'ai été engagé en 1969 à l'Université du Québec à Montréal, UQAM, où j'ai fait carrière comme professeur jusqu'à ma retraite en 2002. J'ai assumé plusieurs poste de direction, dont celui de Vice-doyen en sciences, directeur du département et directeur de programmes de chimie et biochimie.

Je suis marié depuis 1968 à France Laplante. Nous avons deux belles filles qui font carrières l'une en médecine, l'autre comme ingénieure.

6067 Fred Peters

Married Martha right after RMC. MSc in England with Athlone Fellowship. Project Officer at 1CEU, Wpg. Left Air Force in 1969. Consulting job in Edmonton. Traffic Engineer for City of Surrey. City Engineer, Port Coquitlam. Dep. Dir. Engineering, Twp of Langley.

Retired in 1996 at age 55 because I couldn't stand the politics of Municipal Gov't. Now divide time between golf, travel, birding. Still married to Martha. Give us a call if in the Vancouver area.

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6294 Jack Racine

Retired from the Forces in 1995. Sandra and I are now enjoying retirement. I am a volunteer coordinator for the local YMCA (at the Corel Centre) and taking in a lot of hockey (but as a spectator now).

2004 update- Sandra and I are still enjoying retired life. We each have a hobby job at the local YMCA. We are also both involved as volunteers for the Kanata Junior A hockey team.

5998 Bob Reid

After the air crash in 1966, I spent two years being patched together again before being posted back to RMC to the War Studies programme. Then to the Directorate of History in Ottawa where I worked on the official history of the RCAF. Wonderful job, horrid weather. In 1971 I asked to be posted home to British Columbia and in response the Armed Forces kicked me out. Not knowing what to do, I went to law school at UBC where I stayed until I retired in 2003. Been married to my RMC sweetheart, Robin [ex-KGH'er] since 1967. We have three sons and two lovely granddaughters. I am enjoying doing almost nothing in my retirement. I spend my time with family and friends and have been writing a serialized history of British Columbia - which I expect will never be completed.

6296 Dave Renshaw

(“Daddy" as some of his Royal Roads Classmates might call him). Connie (wife and best friend for over 45 years) and I now reside on the banks of the Niagara River, back in our hometown of Fort Erie, Ontario. Despite slipping over the seven-zero mark, I have continued to work part time as a municipal engineering consultant and project manager. Connie also works part time as a family mediator. I keep busy as the Chair, Fort Erie Museum & Cultural Heritage Committee and as a Member of the Niagara Drinking Water Source Protection Committee and the Bi-national Lake Erie Management Forum; filling in time with chasing grandchildren, gardening, fishing and hunting, as well as a holiday cruise now and then.

I served in the Military Engineering Branch in Chilliwack, Downsview, Halifax, and Gagetown as BCEO; and finally a tour on the Civil Engineering Staff at RMC. I completed a Master’s Degree in Municipal/Environmental Engineering by virtue of studies at the University of Toronto and RMC.

I left the Canadian Forces in 1981 to join Indian & Northern Affairs, in Ottawa; and later moved on to positions in Public Works Canada, Architectural & Engineering Services. I retired from the Civil Service in 1995 to work as an environmental/municipal engineering consultant. We moved back to Fort Erie in 1997 where I took the position of Director Public Works for the area municipality, returning to consultant practice in 2006.

We have two sons, Patrick (RMC Class ‘88), and Sean (Dr. Chiropractic); and two adorable granddaughters, Charlotte and Amelia, who enrich our lives to the max.

6299 Dave Riis

Happily retired although doing some work for the Township on a water and sewer project they have underway. Enjoying our log cabin in the woods and our 8 grandchildren!

6000 Regis Robin

I retired in 2001, from the Mouvement Desjardins, as Directeur Général de la Fédération du Centre du Québec in Trois-Rivières. Françoise and I then moved to Laval.

Together, we do quite a bit of travelling. Pour ma part, je consacre beaucoup de temps à toutes sortes d'activités de plein air, pêche, chasse, vélo, ski de fonds.... Une retraite agréable et bien remplie.

Our son works in finance in Montréal and our daughter is going to teach at Western University in London, starting in July 2009.

6303 Ted Ronberg

Having left the air force in 1968 as a F/L C.E. officer at St. Jean Que., I struck out for the private sector working for 2 general contractors and a management consultant in Montreal. Here I met my wife Ann and remained there until moving to Ottawa to work for Public Works in 1976. We have 2 boys, - Rick, a history teacher in Ottawa and - Rob, working in hi-tech sales and marketing. I took early retirement from the position of Director of A&E Technology at Public Works in 1995. Since then I have tried my hand at writing (a golf book), consulting in contracting and manufacturing computer security devices. I enjoy golfing, making furniture and working on a cottage in the Rideau Lakes near Perth . Ann continues her oil painting and I’m volunteering at the Canadian War Museum . We’re fortunate to now have 5 grandchildren (between the ages of 1 and 8) who keep us busy babysitting.

6305 Dick Row

Rita and I moved to Toronto in 1980 after I graduated from Dalhousie Law School. I practiced with a large firm for several years and then decided to strike it out alone. We have three kids who have all finished their education, are all living in the Toronto area, and to our relief are now self sufficient. Rita is teaching in the school system and is very much looking forward to only teaching part time beginning in September until she obtains that magic factor.

6061 Miville Roy

Retired in 1995 from the CF after 35 years of service.

Employed in the pilot classification and actively flying until 1977 then employed at NDHQ in a NATO environment with two tours in Belgium (SHAPE & Brussels)

Currently a volunteer at the National Aviation Museum in Ottawa

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6306 Mike Saker

I retired from the Navy in 1995 as a Rear Admiral engineer and took several months off before returning to the workforce as a government relations consultant (not a lobbyist). Later, I joined Raytheon Canada in 2004 to help them pursue the Canadian Navy's Joint Support Ship project (three 30,000 tonne replenishment and sea lift ships). Unfortunately the government botched that procurement and since then the marine industry has been trying to get this and other defence procurements back on track. I still help Raytheon and the industry in this and other pursuits, but only on a part time basis.

After 29 years in Ottawa, in the fall of 2009 Gail and I decided to fulfil a long-held dream to live along the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia. While we clearly would miss the closeness of our two grand kiddies (and our two children), a Nova Scotia base would provide all sorts of new opportunities for family visits and adventures. We found the perfect spot in Mader’s Cove, half way between Mahone Bay and Lunenburg. We are on a hill, in a secluded pine grove with a water view, close to terrific golf and sailing, great friends (old and new), good seafood ..etc. Our family already has fallen in love with the place. It was a great decision. We enjoy receiving visitors. Please drop by if you are planning a trip to these parts.

6310 Ken Schamuhn

I spent three years with the RCE after grad, then ended up in pastoral ministry in churches in Vancouver, Toronto, Chilliwack, and two stints in the Peace Country of northern Alberta. I was a chaplain with the Royal Regina Rifles for a couple of years in the early 90’s. I retired in Grande Prairie, AB in 2007, and we are now living near Salmon Arm, BC.

I have taken up painting (as in art) again, which I actually began while in the Army. Golf (at which I am determined but essentially inept) is high on the list of priorities in the summer.

Marie retired from nursing in 2007. Daughter Deb is teaching in Edmonton, married to an engineer. Son Trevor is single, working as a CAD engineer in Chilliwack. Daughter Ruth-Ann and her husband Jeff (RMC grads 2000) are doing medical studies in Prince George through the military. Youngest son Kevin and his wife Annalise (RMC grads 2001) are in Gagetown; Kevin spent 6 months in Afghanistan in 2006. Unfortunately, no grandchildren! Yet.

6312 Walt Shworan

Retired from teaching although still do it part time. Taken up salmon fishing, boating, gardening, woodworking and grandchildren as hobbies. Wife is heavy into writing and watercolors and very good at it. One son is a local dentist, the other a lawyer in Red Deer, Alberta.

6208 William Skelly

Semi-retired SAP consultant and now a widower. My wife for 43 years, Connie, recently pased away after a long fight with Cancer. We have two sons, Chris and Tim. Chris, now a professor in the UK, has given us four grandchildren, and Tim who lives in Ottawa has two beautiful little girls doing their best to keep poppa busy.

After leaving RMC, I had a great 20 years with CN Railway (miss those system passes) before moving to the Federal Government, Took a short four year sabatical from the feds and spent it with the Government of Bermuda (where I learned I was solar powered). After retirement in 1997 - joined the ranks of SAP consultants and worked projects in both Canada and the US. Now starting to think about retirement again - but just edging into it a few days at a time. Not sure I'm ready for a quiet life of golf and sawdust (workshop not my golf game - only hit trees can't knock them down). Time will tell if I am on the right path.

6099 Jim Skinner

Retired in 1994 from Scott AFB where I was the Air Transport Command Liason Officer. NDHQ made me an offer I (we) couldn't refuse, even though I only had two years before compulsory retirement. Moved to the Sunny Okanagan and haven't done a lick of work since. I have now lived in Armstrong longer than anywhere else.

5949 Joe Slater

Following graduation from RMC, I spent the two years as a Construction Engineering officer at CFB Trenton and one year at CFS Gypsumville. In 1967 I left the RCAF and joined the Water Resources Branch of Environment Canada. Over the next 22 years I worked in Winnipeg, Guelph, Regina and Ottawa My last 5 years with the WRB was as Director of the national program in Ottawa. In 1989/90 I attended Course 43 of NDC. After the course I returned to Environment Canada as Director of Environmental Emergencies until 1994. I then moved to London, England where I spent four years working for the United Nations in the Environment Division of the International Maritime Organisation. My travel experiences while attending NDC proved most useful when I was working with the IMO.

In November of 1998 I returned to Canada, bought an 8 acre country home north of Kingston and retired from the government the following September. I have been actively involved in the local community association and lake management groups. I drafted a proposal that resulted in a successful Ontario Trillium Foundation grant to allow our local schoolhouse to be refurbished as a centre for activities and as an emergency shelter.

In May 2003 my wife, Sandra, died suddenly due to a massive stroke. This shock took many months to overcome. A walking trail within a Conservation Authority near my former home in eastern Ontario has been dedicated to her memory. In February 2012 I remarried. My wife, Noreen Greig, lives in Victoria where I have now moved. Together we share a love of travelling, golf and bridge. Our travels since last year have taken us to the U.K, France, India, the Balkans and the provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick and P.E.I. Noreen has two sons and three granddaughters who live in Alberta.

My son, Jeff, (partner, Marissa Amoroso) is the varsity swim coach at the University of Waterloo. My daughter, Sheryl, (married to Andrew Russell) is a senior manager for the HSBC bank in Hong Kong.

6315 David Smith

I retired in 1995, after 26 years with the Federal Public Service, all in financial management. Since then, I have worked hard on improving my golf and curling skills (still a long way to go), taken up lawn bowling, and generally enjoyed life.

5994 Preston R Smith

Smitty retired from the CF in 1996 as a Colonel. He and his wife, Betti Ann, are living in the Head of St Margaret's Bay, NS just outside Halifax. Smitty is truly retired and spends his time restoring and driving MGBs, making sawdust, and camping (and wintering in Texas) in their 35 foot motor home. Betti Ann is a weaver and spinner. Their only son, 18411 S/Lt Kristin David (1992), was killed in 1993 while mountain climbing during Adventure Training in New Hampshire.

6318 Hill Stevens

Retired in 1997 from teaching in Ottawa. Moved to the Okanagan Valley and enjoying life. Doing a lot of Square Dancing, Wood Carving and Camping in a RV.

6209 Gord Stewart

Working as a consultant in hydrocarbon processing. Concentrating on the international market.

Last spring, I started a three year term as a member of council for APEGGA (Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysisists of Alberta). Now serving my second year (of 3, as well as several committees.

It was good to see everyone at our 35th.

6037 Ken Swan

I am living and practicing law (almost exclusively as an arbitrator and mediator) in Toronto, where I moved in 1982 after teaching law at Queens' for nine years. I married Katherine Swinton, now a Justice of the Ontario Court, in 1983, and we have two children, Michael (born 1984) and Laura (born 1986). My older son, Ward (born 1969), is in Los Angeles doing an MFA in Film Studies at USC. Unlike many of you, therefore, I have no realistic plans to retire.

My major distraction is still sailing, a vice picked up first at RMC. After a boat-free decade, we are back on the water in a Mirage 30 moored at the Island Yacht Club.

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6211 Jim Taylor

I left RC Sigs in 1967 for an MBA (Queen’s), brief career with Imperial Oil, and subsequent PhD in Decision Sciences at Stanford. I joined the faculty in the School of Business at Queen’s in 1977 and retired (a tad early) as Emeritus Professor in 2002. Now a part-time consultant, I live with wife Robyn in Barriefield overlooking the college, and am failing at golf. But resuming the bagpipes, after a pause. So all is not lost.

5981 Bill Turnbull

Grew up in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Montréal. Flew F-104s from Marville, France and Lahr, West Germany (441 Sqn) until 1970. Left Regular Force that year. Joined Air Reserve (411 Sqn), Toronto. Day job became sales and marketing management for an electrical apparatus manufacturing firm.

In 1976, returned to Regular Force. Flew CF-100s (briefly) and Falcon 20s for 414 Sqn, North Bay. Attended Staff College in 1980-81, Language Training in 1981-82. Posted to NDHQ. Returned to 414 Sqn as CO in 1986. By that time, it had become one of the largest with up to 250 people and over 30 aircraft: T-33s, Falcon 20s, Challenger 600s, and the last two F-101s. Joined staff of Staff College in 1989. Moved to Policy Group at NDHQ in 1992.

Took "early retirement" during 1994 force reductions. Spent next five years as a career counsellor. Grew tired of Ottawa winters and moved to Vancouver Island in late 1999. From 2000 - 2006 conducted B-767 simulator training at YVR on contract to Canadian Airlines and its successor, Air Canada. In late 2006, at age 65, grew tired of the long commute from Courtenay to Richmond and really retired. Since then it's been wondering why being retired seems to make time pass more quickly than before.

6137 Wyn van der Schee

I left the regular army in 1975 and worked for two years as a one-man personnel department for the CIL explosives plant in Calgary, thanks in part to Art Sauder. I then went to work for the City of Calgary, first in Utility Billing, then in Personnel and from 1985 in Engineering.

In 1990 I had the opportunity to become invovlved in the municpal recycling programme and have been an avid environmentalist ever since.

I transferred to the Militia in 1975, and retired in 1982 as CO of The King's Own Calgary Regiment.

I retired from the City of Calgary on 12 Aug 02, amd am just getting used to the idea of retirement. I am enrolled in the RMC War Studies Programme at the MA level, and have one course and the thesis to complete, so I am halfway there. In addition I am involved with Reserves 2000, a national lobby group fighting for a better deal for the reserve forces within DND. I sit on the board of directors of the Recycling Council of Alberta, a non-profit environmental group. In addition, I try to maintaion an up-to-date nominal roll for the Class of 64.

My wife retired from teaching in June 2001 after 30 years in the classroom. I have two children, Jennifer and David, both living in Ottawa, and we are expecting Jennifer to give birth to our first grandchild in Nov 2002.

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6214 Don Wight

Retired from the Canadian Navy in 1982 with the rank of Commander. Last position was Engineering Manager for the Canadian Patrol Frigate Program. Joined the Canadian Coast Guard in Ottawa as Chief of Technical for the Fleet. Transferred to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in 1988 as Director General of the Fisheries Fleet. Returned to CCG in 1995 as Director of the combined Fleet when DFO and CCG merged. Retired from the government in 1997. Have done some consulting since retirement, but have focused more on living the good life! We have a "fifth-wheel" trailer and spend most of the cold weather months where the fairways and greens are snow-free! Both offspring (Robb and Heather) are "on their own"! 

6326 Walter Yankowich

Took early retirement from Canadian Airlines in 1996 and joined Cathay Pacific Airways, Freighters Division.

Having hit the compulsory pilot retirement age of 60 back in Feb 2002, I have now settled into full retirement mode with my wife, Judy, in Vancouver, BC.

We're still doing the travelling bit, but destinations now seem to terminate in Ottawa to visit grandchildren Gabriella (6) and Nicholas (3), and Toronto to play with grandson Tyler (2).

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