The RMC Sandhurst Team Connects with the Past

Class of ’64 Luncheon


 The Class of 1964, on joining the OLD Brigade, assumed a responsibility, in association with The RMC Foundation, to sponsor the Sandhurst Team. As part of this obligation, the Class hosts a Meet and Greet with the team and Class members. This has evolved over the past 5 years to take the form of a luncheon during Grad Week.

CLASSMATES (L-R) Dave Iley, Bob Harrison, Peter Mace, Wyn van der Schee, Bob Fisher, Lou Grimshaw, Al Barden,Brian Cameron, John Fraser , George Bruce.

By 26685 NCdt (III) Graham Mater
The Class of ’64 has been an unwavering supporter of the RMC Sandhurst Team for the past several years. Through an annual grant, the Class of ’64 has allowed the 2015 Sandhurst Team to source vital pieces of equipment that are invaluable to the team’s performance during the competition. This grant is administered and funded through the RMC Foundation.
On Tuesday, May 12th, the 2015 Sandhurst Team was generously hosted by the Class of ’64 for lunch at Bill and Alfie’s. The luncheon was organized by BGen (ret) Brian Cameron, and was attended by several members of the Class of ’64, as well as many other supporters, including the Director of Cadets, LCol Mark Popov, members of the team’s staff and trainers, as well as 15 members of the 2015 Sandhurst Team. The luncheon gave a chance for the team to connect with and show their appreciation to the Class of ’64, and also recognize the efforts of everyone involved with the 2015 season.

LCol Popov , Bob Harrison, David Chadwick

The luncheon provided a great opportunity to present the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion trophy to the most outstanding member of the 2015 Sandhurst Team. 26941 OCdt (II) David Chadwick was deemed by his peers to be the most outstanding member of the team. During his first year on the team, OCdt Chadwick truly embodied the spirit of teamwork and excellence and showed a level of maturity and skill that was beyond the expectations of his teammates.
Two of the team’s trainers, Tomasz Deren and Stephen Mitchell, were also recognized by the Director of Cadets for their outstanding work and dedication to the team. Throughout the training season, Steve and Tomasz committed countless hours of their own time towards improving the team’s physical capacity and ensured that the team would be ready for any obstacle they faced during the competition. In appreciation of their efforts, LCol Popov presented both with the prestigious Sandhurst pin.
LCol Popov also took the time to present the Sandhurst Team with a framed photo that was taken by the RMC Artist-in-Residence, Mr. Chris Miner. The photo was taken during one of the team’s training sessions, and will be proudly displayed in the team room for years to come.
It is no secret that the RMC Sandhurst Team would not exist without the support of many friends who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the members of the team are given every opportunity to achieve excellence. The support from the Class of ’64 is especially tangible, and directly enhances the lives of the cadets who make up the Sandhurst Team. The luncheon last Tuesday was a great opportunity for the members of the team to show their appreciation to the Class of ’64 and was a perfect way to end the 2015 season and say farewell to our graduating members. Those members who may be returning to the Sandhurst Team next year are looking forward to the continued support of the Class of ’64 and hope to see their familiar faces again at the luncheon in 2016


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